California Bear Flag Coaster

I made another flag coaster to go with my United States flag coaster. This one features California's bear flag, which has a fascinating history. Affiliate links below.   

California Bear Flag Coaster



Paint six craft sticks white and one red. Let the paint dry completely. Use a pen to write CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC centered on one of the white sticks. Draw or trace the grizzly bear on a piece of scratch paper, cut it out. Line up the craft sticks and position the bear where it belongs on the flag. Add the star sticker on the left of the second stick from the top. 

Trace around the bear, being careful not to move any sticks out of place. 

Paint the bear and the grass he's standing on. 

When the paint is dry, seal the sticks with Outdoor Mod Podge and let that dry completely. 

Arrange three mini craft sticks vertically on your work surface and add glue. One by one, transfer the painted craft sticks onto this base. 

This is a fun project that can be adapted for many other states and countries. 

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