California Poppies Craft

After cutting off a strip to make my fall leaf bookmark, I still had leftover paper that I'd painted in oranges and yellows. The colors were perfect to use for California poppies. 

Our state flower grows wild all over our golden hills, offering beautiful pops of color most of the year. Fun fact: the petals close at night and open when the sun rises. On cloudy or windy days, they stay closed. Fun fact #2: Today is California Admission Day. Happy 171st birthday to our state!

California Poppies Craft


  • watercolor paper, painted with oranges and yellows
  • cardstock (a sky blue background and green for the stems and leaves)
  • microtip scissors
  • brown ink
  • craft glue


Cut petal shapes from the orange paper. You need four petals for the flower facing front and three for the one that is facing away. 

From a yellow section of the paper, cut a small piece that looks like grass. These are the stamens. Cut stems, leaves, and a bud from the green paper.  

Add a little bit of brown ink around the edges of the petals. This will give a sense of depth. Then glue everything together, starting with the flowers, then adding the stems and leaves. Finally, glue the poppies to the blue background paper. 

I love California poppies! 

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