Friday, April 14, 2017

Diamond Dotz

One of the coolest things about being a craft blogger is that random craft supplies occasionally show up at my house unexpectedly. Such was the case with the 'Christmas Kitten Glow' Diamond Dotz kit

I wasn't crazy about the cat design (we're rabbit people), but I was really excited to try a larger Diamond Dotz kit. You may recall that I blogged about their starter kit back in February, after discovering Diamond Dotz at the Creativation show. It's a neat product and lots of fun. 

The kit came with the printed design, a stylus, a wax caddy, a tray, and twenty packages of Diamond Dotz, each labeled with a number. There were also zip-top baggies to hold any extra Dotz.

Creating the design is just a matter of looking at the key and putting the appropriate color of Diamond Dotz on the canvas. We worked one color at a time. The stylus works like a charm to pick up the Dotz. You simply touch it to the canvas and the strong adhesive holds it in place. So easy!

We set up the project on a card table in our family room. Whenever we had a few minutes, we'd add Dotz to the canvas. Almost everyone who visited our house over a 2-week span gave it a try. Boys and girls, kids and adults - the consensus was that Diamond Dotz is an addictive craft, fun, and so easy. 


Like I said, it took about two weeks of working on it a few minutes at a time before we completed the design. I popped it in a gold 8" x 10" frame for photos. 

Unfortunately, photos do not do it justice. The whole thing sparkles and shines from every angle. As you walk by it, hundreds of little points of light catch your eye. This was the best I could do to try to capture that in a photo.

So would I recommend Diamond Dotz? Absolutely! This is a great product for adults, but it is equally excellent for kids around 8 and up. It's easy and fun and the finished product looks amazing. Like I said, I don't love the cat design, but there are some other designs that I absolutely love. Check these out:


Aren't they gorgeous? I can't decide which one I like the best. I want them all. 

As of now, Diamond Dotz are only sold through their website. They don't have an affiliate program (yet), but I hope they add one because this is such a cool product and I know you all will enjoy it. If you buy something through their website, please let them know in the "Order Notes" that Cindy deRosier referred you! Thanks, and happy Dotting!


  1. Ooohhh fun! And I like that you didn't sit there and do it all at once, that it was several different people...over a course of 2 weeks! BTW as a cat lover I love the Cat design... but a Pig would be nice also! ;0)

  2. Enjoyed the review and especially the multi participant aspect.
    Sounds like a great craft for the whole Family...

  3. This looks AWESOME! From a distance, it looks like counted cross-stitch!!!!

  4. Like I just commented on FB, I saw these in person last weekend. They need to be SEEN in person to really appreciate the sparkle. I need to get one of these kits soon!

  5. My first Diamond Dotz was the blue and pink butterfly. I absolutely love doing this for relaxation. No thinking, calms me down and what a beautiful finish. A picture does NOT do the finished project justice. I purchased mine from Mary Maxim craft store in Port Huron, MI but they also have a website and catalog.

  6. I finished the large Santa and have four others waiting! I am fairly obsessed with this fun way to create!