Snap Conference

I started attending the annual trade show of the Association for Creative Industries (formerly Craft and Hobby Association) in January 2011 and began blogging in April of that same year. I have learned a lot in six years of blogging, but it feels like I've only learned enough to discover how much I still don't know. Friends convinced me that I could really benefit by attending a blogging conference. There are many, but choosing the right one for my first time was easy.

Everyone I know who has attended Snap has come away gushing about how much they learned, how great the sponsors were, and how much fun they had. So I made the leap. I bought a ticket, scheduled my flight to Salt Lake City, booked a tower room at the Little America Hotel, and found some roommates. I set my schedule, signed up for a Secret Sister, and prepped my accessory for the theme party. I fly out tomorrow and return home on Sunday. It's going to be awesome.

I will not be running blog posts while I'm traveling. However, I will share every little detail via the My Creative Life Facebook page, so be sure to follow me there! And, of course, I'll blog all about it when I return. Snap, here I come!


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