Snap Conference 2017 - Overview

I'm back from a whirlwind trip to Snap! I have so much to share with you and am overwhelmed by everything I learned and experienced.

So what is Snap? It's a 3-day conference for creative bloggers, held in Salt Lake City. There were over 400 bloggers attending (99% women, most age 25-50 with 2+ kids) representing all sorts of creative fields, including: edible art, home renovation, home decor, kids' crafts, paper crafts, travel, lifestyle, and much more. Some attendees earn 6-figure incomes and support their families with their blogs, while others make a little bit of spending money. Some have been blogging for a decade or more and others for a year or less. Part of what makes this conference special is that bloggers of all sizes and experience levels are welcomed, encouraged, and supported. This year's theme was 'Believe.'

(Before I continue, I should mention that I took all of these photos on my iPhone rather than my camera so that I could share to my Facebook page during the trip. The lighting conditions inside the hotel were terrible. Why is it that the places where my photos matter most always have the worst lighting?!)

Preparation for Snap began well in advance of the conference itself. The Snap team created a Facebook group for newbies and did multiple Facebook Live sessions to answer all our questions. I found roommates through the general Facebook group and signed up for Secret Sisters. I crafted for the theme event and made gifts for my roommates and Secret Sister.

On Wednesday 4/19, I flew from Sacramento to Salt Lake City where I met up with my roommate, Renae of Benzie Designs. We navigated the light rail (Trax), checked into the hotel (Little America) and walked to Temple Square to eat at the Lion House Pantry.

Registration started Thursday morning. Renae and I met our third roommate, Ali, from Home Crafts By Ali and Ali's Book Nook


From Thursday afternoon through Saturday afternoon, we had many opportunities to take classes (both hands-on and lecture), listen to speakers, do make-and-takes, and talk with sponsors. There were around 45 sponsors representing a wide variety of products and services. 

I did a mix of craft-related classes and business/blogging classes. Both were very valuable. I hesitate to pick a favorite of each because all my classes were fantastic, but if forced to choose, I would say that the iPhone photography class (taught by Chaitra Radhakrishna of PinkPot) was the most useful and the Wilton cake decorating was the most fun. 


If I had to describe Snap in one word, I would say fun. The organizers and sponsors made sure Snap was entertaining from start to finish. From meeting the Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Man (who smells like marshmallows!) to celebrating at the unicorn-themed dance party, Snap was fun, fun, fun!


Time will tell whether attending Snap was worth it financially. Between the ticket, airfare, shared hotel room, and gifts for my roommates and Secret Sister, I spent about $1000, which is no small sum for me. I hope I'll be able to earn that back through the new brand relationships I developed.

But even if I don't see the results in my bank account, I think Snap was worth it overall. I learned about creating e-books and e-courses (something I've been seriously considering) from the fabulous Hilary Erickson of Pulling Curls. I finally learned how to use my iPhone camera with some level of proficiency. I tried a new-to-me craft (crochet) and had a cake decorating lesson from one of Wilton's test kitchen chefs. I met a LEGO Master Builder. I stepped out of my comfort zone and experienced a lot of new things. And I brought home 34 lbs. of craft supplies, treats, gifts, sponsor samples, and completed projects. (It would have been 35 lbs. but I didn't know that TSA prohibits spray paint even in checked luggage. Lesson learned.)

Is Snap 2018 in my future? I'm not sure, but I am so grateful to have been a part of Snap 2017. Thanks, as always, to Steve and Trevor who are 100% supportive of everything I do. 


  1. Hmm... where did you learn about courses. ;)

  2. How awesome. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. WOW, Cindy! This sounds spectacular! I can't wait to hear more . . .

  4. How fun! I had fun seeing everyone's IG and FB posts while you all were there! Looks like it was a great time!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh wow. Sounds like an event I would enjoy too. Hope you've been inspired to implement what you've learnt.

  6. Wow! Great recap Cindy! I concur with everything you said as I was there too. I will be adding some info very soon. It was nice to see you there, however so briefly.

  7. I love SNAP, I missed this year. My biggest regret was not being able to meet Ali face to face. We are friends in a craft group together.


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