Sticker Name Art

One way to stretch your creativity is by looking at things in an unexpected way. We're used to looking at the subject of a sticker, but if you ignore the design and focus just on the shape, you can use stickers to make some pretty cool name art.

It's challenging at first. Your eye wants to see the sticker oriented correctly. It wants to notice the subject and not the shape. But once you start seeing shapes in stickers, it gets easier and easier.

There aren't any rules with this project. If you want to use a mix of capitals and lowercase letters, so be it. If you use the same sticker twice for repeated letters in your name, that's fine. It's all good.

Give it a try! And if you do, send me a photo. I'd love to see your name in stickers!


  1. These are AWESOME!!!! Reminds me of the million times I have used the '3' for the 'E' on my pages!!!! LOL!!!


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