Wax-resist vs. Enamel Accents - Snowman Gift Tags

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Last week I shared my Snowman Gift Tags. As you'll recall, I used black Enamel Accents for the face (a success) and initially used white Enamel Accents on the hats (definite failure). For the final product, I switched to Decorative Snow for the hats.

This led me thinking- how can I use white Enamel Accents? How about as snow? Worth a try!  

I took a plain white tag and put little dots of white Enamel Accents all over it, then set it aside to dry. Once the tag was dry, I rubbed blue ink over the top, then used sandpaper to reveal the white dots. Cute! I hand-cut an itty-bitty snow drift and snowman and glued them on. The finished tag:

I love everything about it except for the long drying time. I thought I might be able to achieve the same look using wax resist, which would have no drying time. I took a white crayon and put little dots all over a plain white tag. I covered it with blue ink and then scratched off the wax to reveal the white snow. I cut out another snowman and added it to the tag. Here's the wax-resist version:

Still cute, but not nearly as nice as the Enamel Accents. The 'snow' is quite irregular and I missed a bunch of spots.  While it was easy to see the little dots of Enamel Accents while I was working, it was very difficult to see where I'd dotted the crayon. And it was impossible to make consistently round dots.
If I were in a hurry, I'd definitely use the crayon version, but I think the Enamel Accents is the winner!


  1. What a great experiment. I love the results of both. Your post has me wanting to dig out my enamel accents. I haven't used them in the longest time. Great tags. The snow and snowman look terrific.

  2. Cute tags Cindy. I love the effect of the first tag better too.

  3. I loveeeeeeeeeee the results of both!!! ADORABLE!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. I think they are both cute, but I have to agree with you that the enamel accent one looks better. Great tutorial Cindy!


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