Christmas Tags, Part 3

Trevor had so much fun with the heat embossed tags from yesterday that we made another batch of them.  Instead of using exactly the same techniques, I skipped the ink and Glimmer Mist and got out the chalks and some q-tips so he could try something new.  He loved the way the chalks gave him so much more control than the inks.

Here are our tags.  Trevor's are the two on the top and mine are the two on the bottom. 

We're both having so much fun with these tags!  Perhaps dry embossing next?  Or wax resist?  So many possibilities!


  1. Hesse are just great. I was thinking of doing photo tags for Christmas so my toddler could identify whose gift was whose. But I think he might enjoy making the tags more!

  2. such fun! we need to run a bunch of tags through my big shot so they can play with the textures too.

  3. These are so cool, they almost look liel crayon!! what wonderful gift tags and getting your kids involved in the crafting!!! Way better than expensive walmart tags!! :)

  4. Soooooo fun!! LOVING the stars and the reindeer! :):):):):):):):):):):)


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