More Art from Vacation

I did a few more art projects while we were in Bear Valley.  These were all done lakeside, but I didn't photograph them until later.  (Obviously, since lakeshores are rarely carpeted.)

The inspiration for my first project came from, of all places, CraftFail.  I followed the instructions from the original artist at The Forest Room.  (The instructions are in the comments, not in the body of the post.)  That's Trevor's hand on the paper.  I think the illusion works pretty well except for the thumb area.  I was going to leave it uncolored, but Trevor wanted his hand to be underwater.  

Next, I tried an Op Art Inspired project from the Art Club Blog (original source: Art with Mr. E).  I read the instructions at home before the trip but didn't really remember what to do once I was on vacation.  So my project looks almost nothing like the ones that inspired it. Next time I go on vacation, I should print the instructions and try again!

This was a quick sketch I did.  There's nothing like sketching in Sharpie.  There's no erasing, so every mistake needs to be made into something else.  There's no way to vary the color, so 'shading' can only be done by using more or less lines.  (Speaking of color, the pink blobs on my sketch are from Trevor's 5 Dot Art that soaked through the page.)
Finally, I did a couple pages of layout sketches.  I haven't done much scrapbooking recently. With Trevor out of school for the summer, 95% of my creative time is doing kids' crafts with him.  I have a huge pile of photos waiting to be scrapped, so I created sketches with those in mind.  You'll be seeing a few of these sketches in finished form (and the layouts that go with them) soon.  I hope.

So that's what I did to stay creative on vacation, with nothing but a sketchpad, a Sharpie, some markers, and a pencil.  I'm curious- do any of you pack art supplies on vacation?  What do you do?   


  1. Loving what you made while on vacay!! LOVING the sharpie sketch page!!!!

  2. Wow! I don't usually bring art supplies on vacation, but I'm seeing the benefit of it now. Especially if I could draw multiple sketches while riding in the car. Hmmm...

    Your sketch turned out AWESOME! Can't believe that's all in Sharpie.

  3. Oh wow! You are pretty good with sketching. You should design your own stamps.

    I don't bring anything with me on vacation...just want to soak in all the experience. But when I take photos, I do think about how I want to scrapbook them...lol

  4. I'm impressed with your sharpie sketch! I never take anything crafty on vacation, except my camera!!


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