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I've been writing articles for Scrapjazz.com for 7 months now.  It's a great job.  I love dreaming up projects and writing about them. And I especially love getting paid for it!

The hardest thing about the job is dealing with the lead time.  Each month, I'm assigned several articles and given about a month to write them.  These articles then go through editing and are published 2-3 months later.  Many of the articles are seasonal.  Which means that I made these in early February:

The article, Throwing a Luau Party, was published at the end of May.

Here's another example. The first week of February, I was assigned an article about making your own camping embellishments. I love camping, but it's a summer activity for us. It was strange to work on all sorts of camping projects in the morning, then help Trevor make Valentines in the afternoon.


Here's the article: Make Your Own Camping Embellishments.

My next articles due to be published are about space-themed cards and a product review, neither of which were seasonal, thank goodness!  


  1. Sooooooo awesome!!! LOVING what you created for the articles!!!

  2. Those camping embellishments are too cute!! Love reading your articles and can't wait to see what you write next :)

  3. Great article. thanks for the ideas.


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