Toilet Paper Roll Owls

Ready for more toilet paper roll crafts?!  How about owls?

I made the parents and Trevor made the babies.

I got the idea from A Bird and a Bean.  Materials: toilet paper rolls (whole for adult owls and cut in half for baby owls), acrylic paint, googly eyes, cardstock, scissors and glue.  

Begin by folding down half of the top of the toilet paper roll.  Then fold down the other half to form the owl's head.  Next, paint your owls. 
While those are drying, cut wings and beaks from cardstock.  

Glue the eyes, beak and wings in place and your owls are done.  Trevor immediately named our owls and used them for a puppet show.  

Looking for other toilet paper crafts?  Here are some of the ones we've made in the past:


  1. Tooooooooooooooo cute!!!!! Loving these!!! And how cute he had a puppet show with them!?!?!? I LOVE IT!!

  2. So cute. I especially love that Trevor immediately thought to bring them to life.

  3. These are really cute! And how fun to use them for a puppet show!

  4. Those are so so cute. Now what will we do when tp with no cardboard centers really is the fashion?


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