I've Seriously Been Wondering....

I have some questions.  They're all things I've been wondering for a long time.  I'm hoping you, my Trusty Readers, can help.

Question 1: What are the little punch-out things on the sides of grungeboard, chipboard or stickers called?  Are they chads, like the Florida ballots?  I hate them.  It seems like no matter how carefully I snip, sand or clip, they never quite go away.  I need to know the name of these things I hate so much.

Questions 2:  How do you ink the insides of letters, numbers or shapes without getting ink on the front?  I like to use the side of an inkpad to sweep ink onto edges, which works great for exterior angles but not at all for interior angles.  I've tried sponge daubers, q-tips and felt pens, but there are major limitations to all.  

Question 3:  When you make a product list (for a submission or other important reason), do you credit the broad owner or the specific line?  For example, are the stickers pictured below properly credited to Fiskars or to Cloud 9?  Would I have credited them differently in 2007 when they were made vs. now when Cloud 9 is owned by Colorbok and not Fiskars?

Question 4: What is the generic term for self-adhesive rhinestone shapes that are connected together by a clear backing?  Prima calls theirs "Say it in Studs" but what is the generic term?

Question 5: Is there a way to find out what specific chipboard shapes are supposed to be?  For example, the link to BasicGrey's chipboard shapes from the Obscure line tells me that the shapes are modern and masculine, but not what the shapes actually are.  Look at the picture below.  Is the lower left a cassette tape?  If so, why does it look like a shark took a bite out of it?  And what's that thing on the right?  Is it a bird?  A one-winged airplane?  I've tilted my head every direction and can't make sense of it.  

If you know the answer(s) to any of my questions, PLEASE let me know in the comment section!  I will be forever grateful.   


  1. The pieces on the chipboard are 'annoyances' ... that's the word I use!! HA!! I use a tiny paint brush to get the ink on the inside of stuff... I would say Fiskars... I call anything shiny 'bling' ... makes it easy on me! LOL! and you have stumped me on the BG chipboard... I would say the one on the left is some who is going to a masked ball, but is to cheap to buy a real mask and that is what he made out of his beer box! and the on the right... looks like a raven to me... but that wouldn't match the theme of that set???? Weird.....

  2. LOL! I will try my hand at answering some or maybe none of your questions ...

    1. I hate those things too! I used to cut up emery boards into tiny pieces to use for sanding, until I found a tool kit by Basic Gray with all sorts of tiny little sander/file things. It works great for those! But I have no clue what to call them ...

    2. Another pet peeve of mine as well! I actually have some super old 'q-tip' type cotton applicators that I got at Sally Beauty Supply a million years ago. They have an eyeshadow type applicator on one side, the other is pointed. I use the pointed side to get in the tight little spaces. I believe I'm down to about 3 or 4 left in my jar, so I will be looking for some very soon.

    3. I would personally say they were by Cloud 9, but that is a really good question.

    4. I just refer to it all as "bling."

    5. I have NO IDEA! Those are too weird! LOL

  3. Oh dear, the only one I could try to answer would be the last one, and it has me stumped. The more I look at the shapes, the more questions I have. Like: what's with the guy with a circle hole for his head? (page 2) Is that a skull with only a nose? (page 1)

    1. I *think* the guy with a hole in his head is an astronaut. The skull with a nose - I saw that as a lightbulb. But why?? WHY??

  4. Don't know about anything else, but the chipboard shapes:
    Left: Bottom of a VCR tape.
    Right: Airplane seen from an oblique angle, like this photo:

  5. I couldn't resist taking a moment to pop over and answer... ;)
    1. I have no clue. I prefer Julie's term of annoyances. I use my paper snips and a sanding tool to get rid of them. Persistance pays off!
    2. You use a sponge... I'll see if I can find you a youtube video... no luck so far, but if I have to I'll make one for you ;)
    3. I would list it as "Cloud 9 Designs for Fiskars". That's how they seem to list it in the magazines....
    4. I always just call it "bling" too ;)
    5. I'm such a BG collector/hoarder. The way you can find out? They made sheets of die cuts that went with those chipboard shapes... as in colored in images to glue on top! They finally evolved to just give you the dang sheets ATTACHED to the chipboard! LOL Here's a link for you: http://www.basicgrey.com/scrapbook/shop/product/obs-948/collection:retired Hope that debunks the mystery on that one ;) LOL

  6. I think the thing on the lower left is a landscape shot from Tatooine. (Two suns, some cliff like sandstone formations....)
    Or maybe from the moon? One circle is the Earth, the other the sun? (To go with the astronaut?) Also, think the thing on the right is a fighter plane. Or a weird bird!

  7. Hi Cindy.

    1. I call them bump outs. they are irritating for sure.
    2. I use the small craft nibs. I pick them up at my art supply store. Here is a link to what they are. It is not as fast as swiping edge with an ink pad but it is easy to get in the tight area of sides you want to ink. http://www.franticstamper.com/Ranger-Inkssentials-Tool--Craft-Nibs-pkg-of-10_p_69865.html

    3. I'd say "Made by Fiskars c2007 Cloud 9 design". take it straight from the package for accuracy.

    4. I think your shark attack thingies are surf boards? and yep to me it is an airplane at ob angle. I'm not sure that is a vcr tape.... odd shape with two holes....... (eye rolling here).

  8. Your post made me smile, esp the last question. I have a bunch of raw chipboard of questionable shapes that I could add to your post!

    1. Annoyances. Yup, I'm going with Julie.

    2. I tend to not ink difficult shapes like that! But the eyeshadow applicator sounds like a good idea.

    3. I owuld go with Fiskars.

    4. Bling shape?

    5. Maybe a snorkel mask with a shark bite? :) I would agree with the others on the airplane.

  9. 1- I don't know if they have a name but I sand them off
    2- I use fantastix blending tools and I LOVE them they come in packs of 6 they have a long point and a blunt one
    5- looks like a cassette tape and an abstract airplane


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