Manufacturer Spotlights

As most of you know, I started work as a Contributing Writer for Scrapjazz.com in January 2012. My first-ever paid article was published (coincidentally) on my 40th birthday in March 2012.  I was recruited for the job through Scrapbook.com, who own Scrapjazz.  It's been a great job.

A few months ago, the folks at Scrapbook.com decided to make some changes at Scrapjazz. They closed the Scrapjazz store and moved the writing team to Scrapbook.com.  I'm thrilled about this.  Scrapbook.com has always been my 'scrapbook home' and its membership is huge, meaning my articles have been reaching far more people than they did at Scrapjazz.

Along with the new structure, we are now being assigned spotlight articles for the major manufacturers that Scrapbook.com carries.  These articles have been such a blast to write.  I have thoroughly enjoyed doing research and interviewing manufacturers to learn about how they got started and how their companies have developed into powerhouses in the scrapbook industry. As always, my articles are due about two months before they are published.  So while I have actually written seven spotlight articles, four haven't gone live yet.  The three that have been published include:

Click on the links below to read my articles and learn which company started with two handpainted pieces of paper, which company began with a system to scrap a year of memories, and which company was founded as a book bindery over 90 years ago!

(I apologize in advance for any wonky formatting in my articles.  I'm not the one who formats them and it drives me crazy that I can't fix it either.)

I'll share my next set of Manufacturer Spotlights once they go live.  In the meantime, you can check out the ones the rest of the team has written (along with all our other articles) by selecting the Resources tab at Scrapbook.com and selecting Articles & Tutorials.


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