Four Gift Card Holders

On Friday, I shared a fun way to give cash as a gift. One of my friends asked if I had any ideas for giving gift cards to make them a little more creative and personal. I've done a lot of different gift card holders over the years. Here are four ideas:

1) Flatten and decorate an empty cardboard tube to make an upcycled gift card holder.

Upcycled Gift Card Holder

2) Turn patterned paper, a string of beads, and a button into a little purse that holds a gift card.

Purse Gift Card Holder

3) Decorate a small wooden frame and use it to hold a gift card.

Framed Gift Card

4) Make a simple gift card envelope from patterned paper.

Easy Gift Card Holder

Obviously, any of these types of gift card holders will work with any theme. Just change the colors, papers or embellishments to match the occasion. If any of you have other ideas for creative gift card holders, please tell us in the comments!


  1. Thanks so much! These all look great. :-)

  2. I like to buy the little "chinese food box" gift containers, fill it w/ tissue paper and then put the GC in the middle of it. This way it doesn't look like what it is; a GC. Of course I do this so much that I'm sure everyone who gets a container like this now KNOWS it's a GC. Guess it's time to change it up!


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