"You Haven't Changed a Bit!"

Over the past few months, I've had the pleasure of reconnecting with a handful of my former 5th grade students, who now range in age from 18-29. I think about "my kids" often, wondering how they are and what they've accomplished. It is always great to hear from them. Most of them have found me through my blog or Facebook. Almost without exception, they see my picture and comment that I haven't changed a bit.

When the most recent student found me on Facebook, she said that I looked exactly the same as I did all those years ago. For fun, I decided to dig out my old school pictures to see if she was right or just being polite. On the left is my school picture from 2000 when I was 28 years old. On the right is a picture Steve took of me last Saturday when we were doing our latest family portraits, age 41.  

Age 28                          Age 41

While I was scanning the old picture, I realized that I still had a 2010 portrait of me at the top of my blog. I've updated it now. Here's the side-by-side of the old picture and the new. 

Age 38                           Age 41

Not too different except for my hair. It was more flattering three years ago. I think I'm going to get long layers put back in the next time I get it cut.  

While my appearance hasn't changed all that much from 2000 to now, my daily life is 100% different. That really hit home while recording everything I did last Thursday. In 2000, I was single, living alone, with no pets. I commuted to a job I loved teaching 5th graders. I was working on my master's degree and Administrative credential. I spent what little free time I had rehearsing and performing with a ballroom dance troupe. I had not yet begun suffering from IBS. I didn't make much time for crafting and I hadn't even heard of blogging.

I haven't changed a bit? Definitely not true, though most of the changes don't show on the outside.  


  1. I do see some slight changes in your appearance, but you still look good! :0)
    As far your life changes...Wow! Very interesting!
    And you're right, there are a lot of things that happen on the inside that don't show on the outside.

  2. This is not true. You got even prettier!

  3. It's definitely the things you cannot see that are different! ;) Love the side-by-side comparison pics!! :)

  4. Well, you certainly look younger than what it says on your ID. Still looking good!

  5. I love this comparison! You really haven't changed too much, which is a blessing! :) Just think how great you'll look in another 20 years when you've hardly aged! :)

    1. Either that, or I'll age 40 years' worth all of a sudden! My mom (who was 24 when I was born) was mistaken for a teenager throughout my childhood and even when I was a teenager and she was 40. It didn't happen after her hair went gray. She's 65 now and looks younger than that, but not decades younger like before.


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