Standing Cardboard Tube Moose

As the Editor of Fun Family Crafts, I spend a fair amount of time looking at cardboard tube crafts submitted by our readers. I love all the creative things people do with this humble item. My latest contribution to this category of recycled crafts is a standing moose. Can you guess material what I used so that the moose can stand upright?

If you said craft sticks, you're right! I left the sticks exposed for this picture, but you can cover them for a more finished final product. Affiliate links below. 

Standing Cardboard Tube Moose



Cover the cardboard tube with brown construction paper and set it aside. 

Using a craft stick as a guide, cut out two front legs and two back legs (double each if you want to hide the craft sticks on your finished moose). Then cut out the head, a pair of antlers, a pair of ears, the 'beard' (actually a dewlap), and the tail. Save a scrap that is around the same size as the face.

Use a black pen to color in the hooves, nostrils, and inner ears. 

Glue one craft stick on the back of each leg. (If you want to cover the craft sticks so they don't show, now is the time to glue each duplicate leg in place, sandwiching the craft stick between the two pieces of construction paper.)

Glue the legs onto one side of the moose's body. These should be straight up and down. Let the glue set for a few minutes, then glue the legs onto the other side of the body. These will be slanted. Make small adjustments until they are balanced. Hold them in place for a minute or two. Then glue the tail in place. 

Add the eyes, ears, antlers, and dewlap to the head. Accordion-fold the scrap to make a neck. Hold it behind the head, making sure the scrap isn't visible from the front. (If it is, trim it so that it is hidden behind the head.) Glue one end to the back of the head and one end to the body. 


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