Junior Giants, 2014

This past summer was Trevor's second year participating in Junior Giants. We changed leagues so that Trevor could make it to the Cub Scout meetings that would immediately follow his practices and games. It turned out to be a great decision, as our new league was fantastic. Trevor had an amazing coach and great teammates. He really improved as a player and had a lot of fun. 

As I said in my journaling, hurray for Junior Giants!


  1. Loveeeeee this! LOVING the photos and the baseball for the "O"!!

  2. Very cute!! I love how you did your title!! Trevor looks so cute in his 'shades!' :)

  3. I am so glad he's taking part in Junior Giants and enjoying it so much!

  4. Love the different sized photos and the way you staggered them across the page!
    Cub Scout meetings after practice/games?!
    Trevor was a very busy boy!

  5. What an awesome program and another great layout!! :)


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