Mrs. Rosenthal

After absolutely wonderful kindergarten and 1st grade years, Trevor's 2nd grade year started out a bit rocky. At the last minute, the teacher he was supposed to have took an open position at another grade level and Trevor's class started the year with a sub. She was great, but we knew she'd only be there until a permanent hire was found. That took about a month. Unfortunately, the new teacher was not a good fit for Trevor. His self-esteem and willingness to take risks suffered, so we made the difficult decision to request a classroom change three months into the school year. My request was granted and Trevor was moved immediately to Mrs. Rosenthal's class.

We loved Mrs. Rosenthal from the start. She was welcoming and so supportive of Trevor. He shined in her room and had a fantastic 2nd grade year. My only regret is that we didn't move him sooner so that he could have had even more time with her.

Thank you to Mrs. Rosenthal for making 2nd grade so special!


  1. Sad that a teacher made him feel that way :( Glad you took action and found him a good fit :) I am hoping that Brookie's teachers are always good fits -- because she is enrolled in such a small school, that there is usually only one teacher for each grade level :( I love the lo!! LOVING the colors and the layers!!!!!!!

  2. What a sweet page! So good that you noticed what was going on, and did something to help the situation. So many "absent" parents these days that aren't paying attention to their kids. And awesome job to Mrs. Rosenthal! :)

  3. Glad he could find a teacher that really brought out the best in him. Some teachers are just so positive and encouraging...while others really should not be teaching...lol

  4. What an awesome layout! It's tough when the teacher is a bad fit... Good that you were able to find a better teacher for him!


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