Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gift

'Tis the season for gift giving! But what can you give that your recipients are guaranteed to want and need, will fit perfectly, is just their taste, and costs exactly what you want to spend? Money, of course!

"But giving money is tacky and not very thoughtful!" you might say. Well sure, handing someone a wad of money might be considered tacky by some (though not all- feel free to hand me money) and doesn't necessarily show that much thought. That's why I like putting a creative spin on giving the gift of money. I've been working on some new ideas (which I can't reveal until the gifts are given on Christmas) that have me ridiculously excited. I cannot wait to share. In the meantime, here are seven (and counting!) creative, thoughtful, and non-tacky ways to give money as a gift.


$$$ Paper Money $$$

1. Make a Cardboard Tube Dollar Bill Dispenser.

3. Spell a Name with Dollar Bills and frame it. 

4. Make a Knitting Kit (or anything else that would be hilariously inappropriate for the recipient).

5. Hide Money in a Pop-Top Can. This works equally well with coins, gift cards, event tickets, etc.

¢¢¢ Coins ¢¢¢

1. Bake a Money Cake.

2. Put Money in Homemade Soap.


More money-giving ideas after the Christmas gifts are opened! 


  1. I love all your hidden money gift ideas!!!!!!!!!

  2. These are all wonderful idea. Love them!

  3. These are awesome ideas for giving money. I don't think giving money is tacky. I much prefer that to those decorative items that I have no use for...lol

  4. My most successful was a Chinese take out box with candy, gum and walnuts. I hide fake bills in the walnut, gum wrappers, and candy. Then put a note that said a picture is worth $1000 words. I had mailed my adult children our Christmas picture inside a plastic magnetic frame right after Thanksgiving. They all had the pictures on their fridge. The check, didn’t want to mail the money, was behind the photo!!!!


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