Wire + Washi

Yesterday, I shared the yarn-wrapped wire projects Trevor and I made. Watching him wrap the base of his Christmas tree with yarn inspired me to try doing the same thing with washi tape. 

I started by choosing a holly leaf cookie cutter. I bent the wire around the cookie cutter, then secured the end and trimmed the excess.

Then I tore strips of washi tape and wrapped them around the wire.

I added a piece of coordinating cardstock to the sticky area in the back. Then I put a strip of red washi tape on a small cardstock scrap and punched three holly berries. I added them to the holly leaf with pop dots. Check it out:

I used the same procedure to make a star, only this time I didn't cut off the excess wire.

Leaving the extra wire meant that I could stick my star into a houseplant and brighten up my snowman display.

Trevor started by making a T. He punched a hole through the washi tape and added a loop of yarn as a hanger.

Then he made the most adorable rabbit. He bent the wire, wrapped it with silver polka dot washi tape, added a pink washi nose, and drew in the facial features. It looks so cute on our tree.

Trevor and I had so much fun experimenting with a craft we'd never tried. I'm totally inspired to dig through the craft room and pull out some random things and see what we can create.


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