Holiday Mode

I'm writing this on Tuesday. According to the forecasts, we're going to be hit by The Storm of the Decade Thursday, when this is scheduled to run. We're high enough that we won't have flooding, but I'm preparing for the possibility we might not have power. Fingers crossed that everything is fine and everyone stays safe.

We're in major holiday-mode around here. We have piles of gifts that need wrapping, crafts that need completing, and cards that need addressing. Trevor just finished making about 30 gift tags.

I've finished my big project of organizing my kids' craft tutorials by holiday and season. There is now a Holiday Crafts tab at the top of my blog. I currently have 23 Christmas and/or winter craft tutorials linked there.

And, as always, my kids' craft tutorials are listed alphabetically by subject on the Children's Crafts from A-Z page. There's a huge variety of crafts there, but if you're ever searching for a craft about something specific and can't find it, let me know and I'll see what I can do! I love a good challenge. 


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