Snowman Pencil Topper

Recognize this guy? 

He started out looking a bit different. 

They were passing these out at the fair last summer, along with coupons for free food. I didn't want or need a Jack in the Box antenna ball, but I'm not going to say no to free food, so I took the antenna ball in order to get the coupons. I put it away with the Christmas stuff with plans to rediscover it in December and change it into a snowman.

It was an easy transformation. I started by peeling off Jack's eye and mouth stickers. Then I poked down the top of his foam hat until it was flattish on top. I used a black Sharpie to draw the coal eyes and mouth, painted the nose with orange craft paint, and painted the hat with black craft paint. The last step was adding the final Christmas touch. I took a leaf sequin and cut it apart to make two holly leaves. I glued those to the hat, then added dots of red puff paint to look like holly berries. Transformation complete!

I could spray it with a sealant to make it weather-resistant and use it for its intended purpose, but I thought it would be more fun as a pencil topper.

So festive and fun!


  1. LOVE IT!! :) I would totally put this on my car during the holidays! Much more subtle than those reindeer antlers or a wreath on the grill (grille?).

  2. Sooooo clever!! Next time I get a Jack ... I will know what to do with him!!!!!!! :)

  3. You are so clever, Cindy! This really turned out cute! Cory would be delighted with a project like that. You come up with such good ideas!


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