More Layouts from Trevor

After he made his first scrapbook layout, there was no stopping Trevor. Here are his 2nd and 3rd pages. This is a page about his first time on skis. 

You can see my page about the same thing here. In fact, I used the same photo (and four others) on my layout. For the past year or so, I've been hopping around between photo developers on a quest to find the one with the photo-developing holy trinity of decent quality, acceptable price, and reasonable wait time. When I printed the skiing photos, the developer was very cheap and very fast. But the photos were unacceptably dark, so I printed them again with someone else and scrapped those. Trevor dug this too-dark photo out of my printed-but-didn't-scrap pile. I offered to have it reprinted before he scrapped it, but any wait time is too long for him when he's inspired to create, so he happily used it as is.

Trevor chose two photos from our most recent Bear Valley trip to scrap next.

He specifically looked for pictures of him with his grandparents and titled his page "FUN! With grandma pat and grandpa dave!" My layout about the same trip is here

Trevor has asked me to print photos from his Cub Scout overnight at the USS Hornet and from his ice skating recital for him to scrap. He also has a school photo he wants to scrap. Once he realized that he can enter his layouts in the fair, he's even more motivated to finish more pages. I love that.


  1. Wow, he is on a roll. Now that he's scrapbooking his own pages, you can focus on the family ones!

  2. He's doing great! :) I love the colors he used on both layouts. Great job, Trevor! :)

  3. He is ROCKING these!! LOVEEEEEEEEEE them!!!!!!!

  4. I love that Trevor is scrapbooking his own pages -- what a treasure!!


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