Bunny Treats (Bunny Week, Day 2)

It's Day 2 of Bunny Week here at My Creative Life!

I've never heard of a rabbit that didn't LOVE treats. Trouble is no exception. He'll do practically anything for broccoli (including rabbit dressage), raisins (check out the video of him with his Bunny Einstein), or other favorites like Bunny Biscuits, strawberries, bananas, and other fruits. We are very careful to limit how many treats he gets though. The bulk of a rabbit's diet should be hay, with fresh greens second. Fruit and sweet vegetables like carrots are treats and should be given infrequently and in very small amounts.

Of course, the deRosier humans are just as fond of treats as Trouble is. We're celebrating Bunny Week with some very tasty bunny-shaped chocolates. To be clear, these are for people only! 

Steve and Trevor shopped for my birthday gifts at Michaels, with the bulk of their selections from the candymaking aisle. They bought me Wilton Candy Melts in almost every color of the rainbow, along with candy flavorings and candy decorating pens. They also got me an awesome bunny silicone mold.

I asked Trevor which color and flavor of candy bunnies we should make for Bunny Week. He said, "All!" as if there were any other possibility. I should have predicted that! 

The pack of candy flavorings included peppermint, cherry, creme de menthe and cinnamon. I already owned raspberry and lemon flavorings. So I told Trevor that we could make six different colors/flavors of candies. 

It was fascinating to see what colors Trevor chose for each flavor. The purple is peppermint, the orange is lemon, the grey-tan (mixed carefully to mimic Trouble's coloring) is raspberry, the blue is cherry, the light grey is cinnamon and the green is creme de menthe (hey, one that makes sense!). We had a small amount of extra green, so we divided what we had between two bunny candies, filled the rest in with chocolate and swirled. Here are the candies, ready to go into the freezer.

Once they set, we popped them out of the mold and started decorating. The pens worked beautifully. 

Trevor decorated a set for himself and then did a second set for Daddy. 

Here are Trevor's bunny candies. For the record, the striped one is a Zebra Bunny, not a Convict Bunny.

Here are six of my bunny candies. I wasn't nearly as creative in my decorating as Trevor was.

I love how these turned out! Adorable and totally delicious. Expect to see more bunny-shaped foods from me in the near future.


  1. Awesome! :) I used to be very into doing the candy melts, but way before the silicone pans or pens came out. Those pens look so cool! And easy!! :)

  2. What a fun project!!! :) That picture of Trouble is awesome -- I think it's my favorite one you've posted of him to-date! :)


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