Crown Rose Brewing

Steve has been brewing his own beer for about 6 months now. Back when he got started, he asked me to help think of a name for his brewery. I came up with Crown Rose Brewing, which is a play on his name. Steven is from the Greek for 'crown', while deRosier is French for 'of the rose.' Therefore, Crown Rose is Steven deRosier.

For my next challenge from Lara McCormick's Playing with Type, I designed a label for Steve to use for his beer. He hasn't seen this yet, so I'm very curious to hear what he thinks and what tweaks he wants. 

This is my latest PicMonkey project. It is seriously fun to play with all the options.


  1. Ohhhhhhhh I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. What a cool name... both for your husband and the brewery!
    So is this a side business or just for fun?!
    Either way, good luck to him; hope he is successful and finds joy in it!

    1. It's just a hobby. He's hoping to start entering competitions eventually. Months ago, he mentioned off-hand that I should design his label, so I did.

  3. The name and label are very cool! I've never tried home brewed beer or even know anyone else that makes it.

  4. Love the play on the name...and the label looks good too!


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