Project Penguin #5: Hot Cocoa Art

Hello! This is Trevor again. Welcome back to Project Penguin. Today we will be making a hot cocoa craft.

Materials: paper, scissors, glue, snowflake stickers, felt, cotton balls

1. Cut out these shapes. You can use any color for the mug and handle, but the cocoa should be brown.

2. Choose a background. You need a background and a foreground. I chose that my foreground would be a wooden table. Glue the foreground on top of the background. Move the mug until about half of it is off the foreground. Glue.

3. Cut a snowflake sticker in half. Unstick it and attach it onto the mug.

4. Make marshmallows out of felt and glue them onto the cocoa. Pull a wisp out of a cotton ball to look like steam. Glue them in place.

Mine is at the top. This is my mom's:


Now it's your turn! Make a hot cocoa craft or something inspired by my hot cocoa craft for a chance to win. Take a picture, then link it below before January 3.


  1. Awesome project! I love it! Both of your hot cocoa art projects are amazing.


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