Playing with Type: Ampersands

I'm obsessed with doing the challenges from Lara McCormick's Playing with Type. This challenge was to explore the ampersand form and create a poster.

Here's what I made:

Once again, I used the exercise as an opportunity to become more familiar with PicMonkey. After creating the first four text blocks, changing the color, altering the size and then changing the font, I dug around to see if there was a shortcut, because the process was way too tedious. Sure enough, a simple right click let me duplicate and then change the font. It saved a ton of time. And what a fun way to explore all of the font options! 

My project is digital, but I could totally see printing it out and using it for engagement, wedding or anniversary cards. I probably wouldn't go with the bold blue for any of those, but changing the background to the perfect color for each couple would only take 2 seconds. I might just have to do that.

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