43 New-to-Me… #43 Sprouted Cookies

Time for the last item from my 43 new-to-me birthday challenge, raw sprouted lemon pie cookies. I like lemon, I like pie, and I like cookies. As for sprouted? Sure. 

While very tasty, these did not remind me much of cookies. They were more like crackers, very thin and crisp. But that didn't stop the three of us from eating almost the whole bag. They only have four ingredients (coconut, sesame seeds, dates and lemon oil), so I didn't feel too guilty about that. All three of us gave them a 9 - an excellent way to end a very fun project!

Tomorrow I'll share a wrap up of the 43 foods from my project and show you the final page in the album.


  1. Sounds like those Belvita biscuits... They always have a "Sweet" sounding name but taste more like crackers. But I still find them to very yummy! I'm sure I'd like these too! But yeah I would be a bit disappointed at first because the word "cookies" on the package is misleading!


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