A Trouble-Approved Rabbit Gift: The Rabbik's Cube

We're one of those households who considers our pet to be a full-fledged member of the family. We spoil our house rabbit, Trouble, with specialty hays, his favorite treats, and plenty of toys and other things to keep him stimulated and happy. Trevor spent his own money to buy a Cottontail Cottage for Trouble's 5th birthday back in October.

While researching the Cottontail Cottage, we came across the Rabbik's Cube

Sold by Napoleon Bunnyparte. Love that name.

Unfortunately, it was sold out and continued to be as Christmas approached. Trevor asked my dad, Woodworker Extraordinaire, to help him make one to give to Trouble. Here's what they made:

As you can see, they added many of the same elements as the original Rabbik's Cube. All the wood is untreated and safe for gnawing. So how does Trouble like his new toy? A lot. He loves throwing it, carrying it, and gnawing on it. 

A happy, stimulated, entertained rabbit is a non-destructive rabbit. 


  1. Toooooo fun!!! LOVING that video of him playing with it!!!!!!!!!

  2. As a fellow animal lover who treats our pets like part of the family I totally get it! That house is adorable as is the video of Trouble playing w/ his new, very cool, toy!

  3. Ahhhh...what a lucky rabbit....so loved! :)


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