A Military Send-Off

On Friday, we attended a farewell dinner for our 19-year old nephew, Sean, who has joined the Marines. He ships off today. I made him this card:

I used a double-sided patriotic paper for the background, topped it with a license plate die-cut, then added tiny little silver rhinestones where the license plate screws would go. While I think the little license plate die-cut is adorable overall, I'm not a fan of the whole "USA #1" sentiment ... especially during this election year as Americans are making it clear to the world that we have lost our collective minds. I don't think national pride should be a competition. There are things I love about our country, as I suspect is the case for people in many other countries. Pride yes, and respect as well. It's actually the license plate's subtitle of "Land of the Free Because of the Brave" that struck me as so appropriate for the occasion. Good luck, Sean. We're proud of you and wish you the best.


  1. "Lost our collective minds"- Lol!
    Good luck to your nephew and thank you for your service!

  2. So true about our minds in an election year! LOL! I loveeeeeeeee this!!! Good luck to Sean!!!!!!!

  3. Great-looking card for your nephew!
    This is an interesting year for elections around the globe....

  4. I don't follow politics but I love the card! Clean design and great mix of PPs!


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