Pickle Jar Vase

We save pickle jars. Most of the other glass jars in our house get recycled immediately, but pickle jars get washed and go under the sink, awaiting their next purpose. Among the many uses for pickle jars? They are perfect for transforming into vases. Last time, I wrapped a pickle jar to make a gift card bouquet. This time, Trevor and I made a vase to hold flowers.


Pickle Jar Vase

Materials: clean pickle jar, patterned paper or construction paper, paper trimmer, heart punch, Glue Dots, craft glue, rubber band and washi tape

1. Trim the scrapbook paper to fit around the jar with a slight overlap. Use Glue Dots to anchor just the ends of the paper to the jar.

2. Punch a heart from a contrasting color of paper. Add craft glue evenly all over the back and stick it to the patterned paper, opposite the side of the jar that has the paper seam. Wrap the rubber band over the heart and set the jar aside. This allows the punched shape to adhere completely to the curved surface. Remove the rubber band when the glue is completely dry.

3. Use strips of washi tape to seal the top and bottom of the patterned paper to the jar. Try to line it up so that half the width is on the paper and the other half is on the jar. Use another strip of washi tape to cover the seam in the patterned paper.  

It only takes a few minutes to decorate a pickle jar to make a pretty vase. It's very easy to change out the paper if it gets splashed with water or otherwise damaged as you use it. If you want the vase to be longer-lasting, apply a sealant over the paper to protect it before adding water and flowers to the vase.

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