NSD Challenge: Life in Full Color

As soon as National Scrapbook Day challenges are announced, I go through all my photos and start planning which I can use for each challenge. Sometimes it's really easy. A pet challenge, a Disney challenge, or a selfie challenge all make it pretty clear what the photos need to be. That was not the case with the "Life in Full Color" challenge. The directions specified that the page should have a rainbow of color on it. 

I didn't have girly photos that needed a rainbow or photos of actual rainbows to scrap. I didn't want to just plop a rainbow randomly on a page. For a similar challenge in 2014, I made a layout about dyeing Easter eggs that worked well with the rainbow theme. I didn't want to go that same route again. Then, serendipity.

I'm enrolled in the free CreativeLive class called 30 Days of Genius (affiliate links). Each day, I get an email sending me to an interview of a fascinating and successful creative genius. The interviewee on the morning of National Scrapbook Day? LeVar Burton. I'm a little bit too young to know him from Roots; I know him from Reading Rainbow. The theme song popped into my head and with it, this idea:

I'd had no plan for how to scrap a photo of Trevor backwards on the couch reading, but it worked really well with the Reading Rainbow lyrics as a title. The layout came together really quickly and I'm happy with how it turned out. It's completely different than the many other layouts I've made of Trevor reading.


  1. Loveeeeee this! LOVING the cloud background, the bit of rainbow colors and that title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Everything about this page is awesome - capturing Trevor reading that way, the cloud background to complement the "Reading Rainbow" theme - I love it all...except for the fact that the theme song is now stuck in my head!

  3. That worked out well! (Now singing the theme song!)

  4. Such a fun layout.LOVE how you interpreted the rainbow.

  5. Super cute! Love Trevor's pose, LOL, and the way you incorporated the rainbow colors/theme!


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