First Day of 5th Grade

Each year as Trevor starts a new grade, it's hard to wrap my head around how old he's getting. But fifth grade was like all the other years times 100. I taught fifth grade for 11 years and now my baby, the reason I quit teaching fifth grade, is a fifth grader himself. And I'm in his classroom sharing my favorite hands-on social studies activities each week. It's totally awesome and more than a little surreal.

Amazing how time flies.


  1. Love your layout; I want to scraplift it! Love the colors, and all the patterns and is that washi tape?!
    And wow, your baby is now a 5th grader?! Awww....he's getting up there! Do you plan on going back to an "outside job" when he's older?

    1. Thanks! No, it isn't washi tape. It's patterned paper. It would make a good washi print though!

      No, I hope to never work an 'outside job' again. I absolutely love working from home and all that comes with it - the freedom to set my own schedule, the flexibility to work as many hours as I want (or as many as it takes to pay the bills!), and everything else.


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