Microwave Popcorn Penguin Gift Card Holder

We're giving gift cards to some of our friends and family for Christmas. So, of course, we had to come up with a fun way to wrap them. This adorable penguin is made of a package of microwave popcorn and is clutching the wrapped gift card. 


Microwave Popcorn Penguin Gift Card Holder


  • package of microwave popcorn
  • construction paper or cardstock (black, white and yellow)
  • scissors
  • circle punch
  • black pen
  • adhesive
  • gift card
  • wrapping paper
  • curling ribbon


1. Cut the black construction paper so that it wraps around the popcorn with a small amount of overlap. Use the scraps of black to cut two wings, each shaped like a rounded triangle. Cut a half-oval of white construction paper for the tummy. Punch two white circles and fill in pupils with the pen. Cut a rounded triangle from yellow to make the beak.

2. Wrap the black construction paper around the popcorn and glue it in place. Add the white tummy, the beak, and the eyes as shown in the photo. 

3. Wrap the gift card with wrapping paper. 

 4. Add a ribbon to the wrapped gift card, then adhere it to the penguin's tummy. Glue the tips of the wings on top of the gift, then wrap each wing around the side of the penguin. Adhere them to the penguin's back.

Not only is this great fun for Christmas gift cards, but it works well for winter birthdays, too. Just choose a festive birthday gift wrap and coordinating ribbon.

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