Christmas Tree Sandwich Kabobs

I've eaten and enjoyed many items on a stick. But I don't think I'd ever had a sandwich on a stick until Trevor and I made these adorable Christmas Tree Sandwich Kabobs for lunch.

                                    (Mine)                                                   (Trevor's)

The idea for this cute treat came from Open House Merriment, given to me by Leisure Arts to review. This post has affiliate links, meaning I will get a small commission for any purchases made through the links. 

Open House Merriment

Open House Merriment is packed with ideas for holiday decorating and entertaining! There's something for everyone. And the photography is beautiful. Each time I flip through it I find something else I want to try.

The Christmas Tree Sandwich Kabobs are from the 'Santa Stop Here!' chapter, which features 7 kid-friendly snack recipes. The other chapters include:

  • Oh-So Delish! - 10 recipes for delicious appetizers and desserts
  • Christmas Is For Kids - 13 simple crafts that kids will love
  • Gifts from Nature - 14 decorations inspired by, or incorporating, elements of nature
  • Cheerful Touches - 7 more craft ideas for decorating your home for Christmas

Trevor and I used the book for inspiration, but used different ingredients to make our kabobs. I used nested biscuit cutters to cut a large round from a piece of sourdough bread, then put it on a skewer. I layered Monterey Jack cheese, tomato, lettuce, and summer sausage (known in our family as hamaloni) in increasingly small sizes. I used a small star cutter to cut two stars from cheddar cheese and pressed them together around the tip of the kabob. Here's my work in progress:

Trevor also used a sourdough base. He layered cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickle, hamaloni, and more lettuce, then formed the rest of his tree with a vertical pickle. He made his star the same way I did. Here's his work in progress:

We really enjoyed making these sandwiches together. Bonus- they were delicious! These would be fun to serve at a party or playdate, but they were just as fun for us to do at home to make an ordinary lunch a little bit more special. 

Thanks to Leisure Arts for letting me review Open House Merriment. We've started another project from the book that we'll be sharing soon! 


  1. Looks yummy! And sooooo much fun to assemble I reckon!

  2. How fun!!! I loveeeeeeeeee this idea!!!!!!!!!!!!


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