Fused Glass Fish Mobile

Remember the fused glass workshop we did during our family reunion in Bandon, Oregon? I took the three fish that we made and created a mobile. That's Trevor's fish on the left, Steve's in the middle, and mine on the right. 

I strung the fish with wire, added beads, then twisted the wire around a branch. The branch is suspended with fishing line from a hook. Right now our mobile is hanging in our stairwell, over the carpeted landing... where I put it just in case my mobile wasn't as secure as I thought. It's been a few weeks now and it hasn't fallen, so I might be brave enough to transfer it to a window where the light can shine through the fish. Maybe.


  1. What a gorgeous creation, Cindy! I love how it is a family made mobile and that you have a fish made by you, your hubby, and Trevor, too! I hope that it hasn't fallen and that you can put it in a window where the light can shine through!!!


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