Soda Springs

For years, we've been doing snow trips to my inlaws' cabin in Bear Valley. They rented it out for the whole winter, so we couldn't use it. We found a place to go in Soda Springs that was awesome. It cost significantly more than the free use of the family cabin, of course, but it was quite a treat to have plowed roads, no digging in, and the place already warm and toasty. 

Soda Springs (affiliate link)

I love how Trevor's red jacket and the boys' blue and green sleds pop against the rest of the neutrals. I had fun putting this layout together and am so happy to get it in the album. 


  1. Love this! LOVING the photo grid!!! Continued prayers for your house xoxo <3

  2. Nicely done. LOVE the pops of color in the photos!


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