Tissue Paper Advent Wreath

Yesterday was the first day of Advent and the first day of the church year. I love the season of Advent, even if it drives me crazy that so many people mistakenly think we're currently celebrating the Christmas season. (If you haven't read my rant about Advent and the Twelve Days of Christmas, take a moment to do so.) Anyway, Happy Advent!

As he's gotten older, Trevor has started taking a more grown-up role in church services, including reading the lessons in front of the whole congregation. But he still loves the first job he ever did during a church service, which is lighting Advent candles. Starting at age 4, he has had the privilege of lighting the Advent candles at least once each year (depending on how many other kids wanted the job too). Even at age 11, it's one of his highlights each December. I was inspired by Trevor's love of Advent to make and display this wreath.    


Tissue Paper Advent Wreath


  • cardstock (green, white, purple, pink, yellow, and red)
  • multiple shades of green tissue paper
  • scissors
  • white glue
  • small circular punch


Start by cutting the green cardstock into an oval shape. Tear the darkest green tissue paper into roughly 1" pieces. Squirt glue onto half of the oval. Using one piece of tissue paper at a time, scrunch it up and stick it to the glue. 

When one half is filled in, add more glue and finish the second half. Don't worry if you can still see cardstock. 

Tear the next lighter green tissue paper into pieces. Dot glue randomly on top of the darker green tissue paper and add the lighter green pieces. 

Tear the lightest green tissue paper into pieces. Dot glue anywhere that you can see the green cardstock showing through. Add the tissue paper to those spots, or place it randomly if the cardstock is already covered. 

Hold the oval vertically to make sure everything is glued down. 

Use the white, purple, and pink cardstock to make candles. I chose to make the Christ candle twice as wide and a bit taller than the other candles. I put the candles approximately where I wanted them, then cut them to the length I liked. There's no right or wrong. You can even make four candles the same color, leave out the Christ candle, or otherwise alter it to fit your denomination's traditions. Cut thin strips of white for wicks and glue them to flames cut from the yellow cardstock. 

Glue the flames to the candles, then glue the candles to the wreath. Nestle them down amongst the tissue paper greenery as best you can. Finally, punch small circles from the red cardstock and glue the circles in groups of three to make holly berries. Tuck some behind the candles to show that they're evenly spread throughout the wreath.

 Technically, an Advent wreath would not be completely lit until Christmas day. One option for your wreath, and the one we are using, is to fold back each flame until the appropriate day. Then unfold it to light one candle each Sunday (purple, purple, pink, purple) and the Christ candle on Christmas day.


This Advent craft gives me a good excuse to promote my book, currently on sale. It makes a wonderful gift for Christmas. Thanks for your support!


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