Bunny Week 2018: Bunny Egg Cup

It's Day 2 of Bunny Week 2018!

I've been having great fun with Easter Wonders Color Art! (affiliate link) The book is full of adorable bunny images, so I used one page to make some egg cups for Easter. It's a really easy project that requires only a few supplies. It's such a fun way to display colored eggs on the table at Easter. (Or for Bunny Week, if you're the sort of family that sets a holiday table for that occasion.)


Bunny Egg Cup



  • Cut the cardboard tube into 1" rings, then paint each piece white. 
  • While the rings are drying, complete the coloring page. 
  • Use the microtip scissors to cut out each bunny image. 
  • Attach a Glue Dot to the dried ring, then press the bunny into place. 
  • Set a dyed egg into each egg cup. 

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