Everything's Coming Up Oranges

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It's orange season, the delightful time of year when the tree in our backyard goes nuts and produces oranges faster than we could possibly consume them. We are enjoying fresh-squeezed orange juice and oranges with most meals. It's a good problem to have.

We've also been making Whole Orange Bread. We've made it a bunch of times and it's still the weirdest recipe ever. Well, maybe this one is. They're both weird. But delicious! Anyway... I remembered that my new favorite coloring book, Edible Wonders Color Art book by Leisure Arts had a page with oranges on it. How cute would it be to turn the coloring page into labels for the orange bread that we give away?! (Answer: very cute.)

Coloring Page Gift Label



Color the page with the oranges on it. Use the scissors to cut out the oranges and some leaves (which are actually connected to the pears, but work just fine with the oranges). Glue an orange and a leaf to the strip of cardstock. 

Wrap the cardstock strip around the bread and glue the ends together. Your gift is ready for someone special!


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