Pie for Dinner

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Do you celebrate Pi Day? This fun 'holiday' is celebrated on March 14 (aka 3.14). What better way to celebrate Pi Day than with pie for dinner?! This is the menu from the Pie for Dinner get-together I hosted:

We started the evening with pulled pork hand pies and apple pie faux-tinis. I made the hand pies by putting pulled pork in pie crust, folding it over, and crimping the edges. The hand pies were dry, but tasty. I should have added sauce. The faux-tinis were each four ounces apple cider, 1/2 oz. cinnamon Torani, and 1/2 oz. vanilla Torani in martini glasses with cinnamon sugar rims. They were delicious!

I made three pies for the main dinner: a chicken pot pie, a double-crust vegetable quiche, and Crazy Crust Raspberry Pie

There were some questions about whether raspberry pie is an entree rather than a dessert, but I assured everyone that it's not much different than serving Jello Salad at dinner; we've already established that Jello Salad is a salad, and as such, belongs on the dinner table. 

Dessert was one of my favorites, a grasshopper pie. 

There's no need to make six different kinds of pie for Pi Day. One pie is still a celebration! Technically, you can celebrate without eating pie! I found some fun Pi Day options while browsing Amazon. Enjoy! 



  1. We celebrate pi day -- but for a TOTALLY different reason -- it's our anniversary!! LOL!!! 10 years this year!!! :) I loveeeeeeeeee the dinner menu!!! Looks delish!!!!!!!


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