Stuffed Cactus

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I made a stuffed cactus and I love it!

It was one of the projects from Felt for the Home, which I received from Leisure Arts to review. 

I chose to make the prickly pear. The first step was cutting out two cactus-shaped pieces of green felt and some flower-shaped pieces of pink felt. 

I used white embroidery floss (3 strands) to cross stitch little x's randomly on one of the cactus pieces. 

Then I used green embroidery floss (also three strands) to backstitch the two cactus pieces together, sewing the flowers in place as I went. 

I left the bottom unstitched. 

I added stuffing, using a chopstick to push it up into the arms of the cactus. 

Finally, I sewed the bottom together. All done!

I love that the cacti from the book are displayed in clay pots with pebbles. I'm strongly considering the same, although my 'pebbles' would actually be these. Wouldn't that be a fun gift?!

Felt for the Home would be another great gift. There are ten project ideas, with detailed supply lists and steps, as well as patterns and a guide to embroidery stitches. I love the donut garland, the succulent garden, and the heart pillow in particular. Best of all, they're easy enough for a sewing novice like me. I see a lot of felt crafting in my future!


  1. Such a fun project, Cindy! I love the adorable cactus you made! And I hope you do purchase some of the "pebbles" (Yum) you have posted and make someone a very fun gift!!!!!


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