Font Selection Matters: Fonts and the Il1 Rule:

Scrapbookers, as a whole, care a lot about fonts. So do bloggers. When I'm making roundups or pins, I spend more time with font selection than anything else. Good font choices are easy to read and reinforce the mood, tone, or topic of the graphic.  

Let's try an experiment. I'll use identical photos, with the same text in the same place with the same colors, changing only the fonts... 


On the left photo, I used the same font for both text blocks. It's an easy-to-read simple serif. On the right, I used a Gothic-inspired font that's hard to read, then a bleeding vampire-inspired font that's particularly disturbing in red. The two clash with each other and with the photo. Toto looks worried. 

Anyway, the main reason I'm blogging about fonts is to share an infographic from Website Magazine created by Gut Feeling that I found fascinating. 

Scrolling through it, I see that many of my favorite fonts follow the "Il1" rule. Not all, but most. I'll definitely be keeping this in mind in the future. How do your most-used fonts do with the "Il1" rule?


  1. That is an awesome rule!! This is one thing I struggle with - even when hand journaling and I have an I and a L next to each other in my words.

  2. My handwritten upper case "I" looks like a "7"... Just sayin' LOL

  3. Yes...fonts can make or break a design.


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