Ready to see more of the roundups I've been creating for Fun Family Crafts?

Let's start with my favorite... pineapples! I love the taste and the look of pineapples. I had great fun choosing the images to use in this roundup. I played around with using one of the ten images in the title block and love how it turned out. 

Picnic Crafts was a fun one too. I love the mosaic in the upper right. And those hot dog cookies. And the ants. So obnoxious at a picnic, but so cute as a craft. 

One of these Paper Bag Crafts is mine. It should be no surprise which one that is. I'd say any roundup which includes a pirate, a peacock, and Frankenstein is a success, so I feel good about this one.

We have more football crafts than all the other sports combined, so I had to work to find a good variety for this roundup. I'm happy with how it turned out.

Here's the roundup I made for the special days in July (and the horizontal version for Facebook). I hope you celebrated Macaroni Day (7/7), Barn Day (7/14), and National Camping Month.

Mark your calendars for the special days in August. You won't want to miss Snoopy's birthday (8/10), Play in the Sand Day (8/11), National Aviation Day (8/19), or National Dog Day (8/26). 

As always, I made all the graphics with PicMonkey. I find it ridiculously fun. Do you have any suggestions for roundups I should make? I have a huge list going, but I'd be happy to pop your ideas to the top if there's something you'd like to see.


  1. Everything looks so cute...you had me at pineapple!

  2. Love love love these!! I will have to think on some that I'd like to see!


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