Cousins at 12

The final challenge I completed on National Scrapbook Day, from Scrapbook and Cards Today, was the most difficult for me. At this point, I'd completed 10 layouts and had been scrapping all day long. The challenge was to make a layout using pink, orange, turquoise and white. I hadn't printed any photos that would work with those colors, so I dug through older pictures and came across my nephew's school photos. I chose the one from age 12, Trevor's age now (for another few days!), to do a comparison of the cousins at the same age.

Cousins at 12 (affiliate link)

I started with the striped paper that had all the required colors, plus green. I journaled in orange on white and lined that up with the photos. I added horizontal strips of cardstock in blue, pink, and orange, but I didn't like how it looked. When I pulled out the pink and replaced it with green, which is prominent in the background of Timothy's photo, I liked it a lot better. The layout is really plain, but I'm ok with that. With no competing elements, the focus stays on the photos. 


  1. I wouldn't call it plain, I mean you do have a whole rainbow of colors in the lower half! And I like the theme... never thought of comparing 2 different people at the same age... an idea I need to bookmark!

  2. I love this! I think it is FABULOUS!!!!!

  3. Fabulous! LOVE the striped paper!


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