I'd Rather Be Camping

I was chatting with the District Executive of Trevor's Scout troop at a recent event and he asked me if I like camping. I assured him that I do... as long as there are flush toilets somewhat nearby and I don't have to schlep all my stuff more than a short distance between the car and the campsite. I am fine with sleeping on the ground. I can easily go for 3 or 4 days without a shower or a mirror. Bugs and other critters don't bother me. Cooking over a fire or camp stove is fun. Being in nature is great.

In other words, I love car camping. I hate backpacking and/or being in the backcountry. Carrying stuff any distance is not fun. Blazing trails is awful. Treating water is a pain in the neck. Backpacking food is lousy. And living without a flushing toilet and a way to properly wash my hands is unacceptable.

When Trevor's Scout troop planned a car camping trip focused on orienteering and geocaching, I happily accepted the invitation to come along. I'm so glad I did. It was a really fun trip. I even had my own private bathroom, as the only female on the trip - such luxury! Not to mention, the boys did all the work cooking and cleaning. Now that's my kind of camping trip.

I'd Rather Be Camping

I put this layout together using goodies I received from Paper House Productions. With the exception of the background paper, everything came from the Great Outdoors collection (affiliate link). I love the canteen dangling from the title sticker. So cute. And I love that the orange tent matches the one in the photos on the right. It was a really fun layout to put together. And yes, I am in the group photo at the top right, so there is evidence that I was actually there. 


  1. How fun!! I miss camping ... Brian's idea of camping is a Motel 6!! LOL!!! I loveeeeeeee this! LOVING the photos and the title!!!!!

  2. Cool...love how you laid out the photos.

    P/s: I'm not a camping girl.


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