Sixth Grade Science Camp at Alliance Redwoods

I received a big box of goodies from Paper House Productions recently (affiliate link here and throughout the post). It was like Christmas! The box was stuffed with all sorts of fun papers, stickers, washi, and more. I couldn't wait to dig in. I found some papers and stickers that were perfect for documenting Trevor's week at Alliance Redwoods with his sixth grade class and got to work. 

Sixth Grade Camp at Alliance Redwoods

Since Trevor and his classmates camped in the redwoods, the Tree Bark papers were the natural choice for my background. Because the two sheets are identical, I laid out the photos to cover the the most obvious details so it wouldn't look weird. For example, you can see the fern on the right hand side, but I've completely covered it on paper on the left. If you look closely at the tree bark, you can see that the papers are indeed a perfect match. 

After matting the photos, I filled in the gaps with elements from the sticker sheet in the Great Outdoors Camping kit. It's rare that I use so many from one sticker sheet, but I couldn't help myself! For my journaling spots and title block, I cut pieces of the Gone Fishin' paper. There's a very subtle tree pattern that you can barely see behind my journaling. After adding the letter stickers for the title and writing my journaling, I trimmed an orange frame sticker to highlight both elements and create a visual triangle of orange. 

I love how this 2-pager came out!


  1. This is AWESOME!!! I love the papers you used!!! But I am freaking out a little about what is on his nose!!! LOL!!

    1. Haha - he's completing the Banana Slug Challenge! I'm not a fan of slugs, but I make an exception for banana slugs. :)

  2. Awe! That turned out awesome! Great photos!


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