Family Cooking Competitions

As promised, I've finished organizing another category for my FUN WITH FOOD page. Presenting... Family Cooking Competitions!

Any guesses how many cooking competitions the deRosier family has done? Hop over to my Family Cooking Competitions page to find out! I've organized the page based around the Food Network show that inspired our competition... and ended up with a bunch that we came up with on our own. Reading these posts bring back lots of good memories of fun times and (usually) tasty food.


  1. So FUN!!!! Did you watch the new show "FFF" (Family Food Fight)? We watched it and there was ONE family that drove me absolutely INSANE (well one woman on their family team! LOL!) and I was shocked to see how far they got on the show!

    1. No, we didn't see it. We'll have to check it out!


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