Peanut Picnic Ants

Inspiration can come from the most random things. I was eating peanuts in the shell when I realized my pile of discarded shells looked like a trail of ants. So naturally, I made this:

First, I painted the peanut shells with black acrylic paint (Plaid, of course), and set them aside to dry. I glued scraps of green, white, and red cardstock together, then cut the stack on an angle to make the wedge shape. I used a Sharpie to draw watermelon seeds. I glued the watermelon to the plate, then arranged the peanut shells to make a trail up and over the plate with the watermelon slice. Simple and cute.

This project reminds me of one of my absolute favorite books from childhood. I LOVED "I Can't" Said the Ant when I was a kid. I still love it.

Here are some other fun ant books to accompany this craft.


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