Twisteezwire Girl with Flowers

It had been far too long since I'd played with Twisteezwire, so I challenged myself to make a person, with puzzle pieces providing the main structure. This post contains affiliate links. 

Twisteezwire Girl with Flowers



These are the steps I used to make my sculpture. Feel free to follow my instructions or be creative and come up with your own design!

1. Wrap the center of a blue wire around a puzzle piece torso, then attach the ends to puzzle pieces to make feet. Adjust everything until it balances nicely.  
2. Cut a yellow wire in half. Wrap each half around the handle of the wire cutters to make curls, then attach the hair to a puzzle piece head. Glue the eyes to the face.  
3. Wrap the center of a cream-colored wire around the neck, then wrap each end around the torso. Fold the ends of the arms back slightly and twist to make hands.  
4. Cut four lengths of green wire, each twice as long as you want the flower stems to be. Cut short lengths of red, pink, orange, and yellow wire, and wrap each around one end of the green wires. Thread the bundle of green wires through the girl's hand, then twist the non-flowered end of each green wire around the flowered end of a green wire.


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